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If I have multiple wireless carriers, will I be able to keep the same service on these networks?
Yes.  You will have access to the same exact wireless networks.  We have access to the Verizon, At&t, and Sprint Network, therefore, if you had service on these networks, you will continue to experience the same service/call quality.  
If we have one carrier can we move lines to other networks and still keep one plan?
Yes.  You will have access to the Verizon, At&t, and Sprint Network, and are able to move devices to the network of your choice.  *Some networks may require you to swap your device in order to receive service on the carriers network.
There are no risks or obligations.  Once we receive your account information you will receive a rate comparison and proposal.  There are no fees or charges should you not move forward with the proposal.
What do I need to provide to get a proposal?
We need an electronic .pdf bill copy,which is available online from your carriers online billing portal. We also need a copy of the contract end date reports, excel format, which can also be downloaded from your carriers billing ports.  You can download instructions.  If you do not have an online account created with your carrier or need instructions showing where you can download your electronic .pdf bill and contract end date report, you may download instructions here. 
Are there any fees or charges?
There are no fees charged to receive a rate comparison or proposal.  We will also perform a live demo of the mobile device management portal at no charge.  The proposal will detail any termination fees that would be charged by your current carrier and we will also list how much of the early termination fees we are able to waive.  We strive to make the process a no cost service and will negotiate with the wholesalers to pay 100% of any termination fees as well as any new devices you add.
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Can the mobile device management software assign different roles to separate departments?
Yes.  You can have a master account and then assign lines to be managed by other employees. 
How will I know how to work the mobile device management system?
​All customers are assigned a dedicated account representative that will help them get set-up on the mobile device management portal.  If you need certain tasks completed, such as adding a new line, you can add lines on the mobile management portal or you can ask your account representative to add the line for you.
Is the Mobile Device Management, MDM, really Free?
Yes.  In our rate comparison chart, you will see that the mobile device management software, MDM, retails for $5 a month, per device. We have these charges waived and purchase the MDM for our client's.
What if I already have Mobile Device Management, MDM Software?
If you are currently paying for mobile device management software, you can continue to receive services from your current MDM provider or use the MDM we provide.  If you would like to create additional cost savings by canceling your MDM after your current MDM agreement ends, you can use the MDM we provide for Free.
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