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Key Features for Government

Government agencies at the local, state and federal levels are embracing mobility. With the increase in number of mobile devices and applications used by government workers, IT administrators are being challenged to ensure public sector security requirements are being met. AirWatch is helping government agencies address security concerns surrounding enterprise mobility while also considering tight budgets and resource constraints.
Enhanced Security

AirWatch enables government agencies to leverage advanced mobile devices and applications without compromising security and compliance. AirWatch’s advanced security capabilities include strong user authentication using AD/LDAP, certificate-based access to enterprise Email, Wi-Fi and VPN networks, and secure distribution of apps and documents. AirWatch meets Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) Publication 140-2 compliance standards and ensures your confidential data is protected.

AirWatch constantly monitors your device fleet for unauthorized users, compromised devices, blacklisted apps and other risks. When a threat is identified, AirWatch can block access to enterprise email, applications and resources, lock, and wipe a device automatically through our configurable compliance engine.

With the AirWatch Secure Content Locker mobile application, government agencies can now securely distribute and access sensitive documents from their mobile device. Transmit documents over industry standard 256-bit SSL encrypted connections and prevent access for unauthorized users or non-compliant devices. Control a user’s ability to edit, share or open files in unauthorized applications, and remotely wipe documents from the console.

VPN On Demand

AirWatch provides the ability to provision a VPN profile to devices to automatically configure access to corporate networks and file systems. Our advanced VPN On Demand capability allows mobile users to securely access specific websites through a VPN tunnel. This process is invisible and seamless to the user, allowing them to continue working without interruptions.
Strategic Partnerships

AirWatch leverages strategic partnerships to better serve government agencies. Participation in the GSA Schedule, SEWP and key partnerships with government contractors allow agencies to purchase AirWatch through various partner channels.
Benefits for Government:

  •   Enforce mobile security, compliance, and maximize Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
  •   Implement a secure way to distribute and access confidential documents
  •   Ensure protected sites are accessed through a secure VPN tunnel
  •   Implement a scalable solution to support your growing mobile deployment
  •   Adopt a flexible platform that supports corporate devices and BYOD programs
  •   Take advantage of flexible deployment models and competitive pricing

At National Wireless, our customers receive the most advanced wireless management software in the nation at no extra charge. Below is just a glance of the Mobile Device Management software that will make you more efficient at controlling costs.
Compliance Monitoring
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