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The healthcare industry is one that has seen a dramatic increase in the use of mobile devices in the last few years. New technologies and applications are helping organizations lower costs and provide a higher quality of service to patients. Physicians and nurses are using mobile devices to access medical records, submit prescriptions and diagnosis illnesses.

AirWatch provides a secure way for healthcare organization to embrace mobility. With AirWatch, you can track assets across your organization, secure access to sensitive data, distribute apps and content, and ensure devices are compliant with corporate policies and industry standards. AirWatch helps healthcare organizations meet the strict regulatory requirements surrounding mobility initiatives.
Enhanced Security

Patient privacy and protecting sensitive data is a healthcare provider’s main concern when it comes to mobility. AirWatch provides enhanced security capabilities to provide HIPAA compliance on devices accessing electronic protected health information (ePHI). Advanced security features include strong user authentication using AD/LDAP, certificate-based access to Email, Wi-Fi and VPN networks, and secure distribution of apps and documents. Administrators can also set device restrictions, such as screen capture and camera, to disable functionalities on a user’s device.

Often in healthcare, physicians and nurses are using the same device, or a shared device, when providing patient care. AirWatch ensures the patient data on those devices is protected from user to user with our Check In / Check Out capabilities. Before accessing the data on the device, each user must first be authenticated and then they view configured data, apps and content set for them specifically by their IT administrator.


AirWatch’s multi-tenant architecture enables healthcare IT administrators to manage all devices across the health system, including staff, hospitals, specialties, departments, medical centers and different locations in a single console. The entire device fleet can be managed at a global level while empowering different groups or divisions to maintain visibility and control of devices.


In a lot of healthcare facilities, employees aren’t waiting on their organization to provide them with a mobile device; they are using their personal devices to access patient information. AirWatch’s strong security capabilities extend to all devices, so you can rest assured sensitive data is protected, whether on a corporate or employee-owned device. And when an employee leaves the company, AirWatch can remotely wipe all corporate and patient information from the device.


Medical apps are rapidly being developed for diagnosis, patient communication, electronic medical records and much more. AirWatch provides a way for healthcare organizations to securely deploy apps through our Enterprise App Catalog. For organizations developing business applications, AirWatch offers a Software Development Kit (SDK) to help standardize user authentication, enforce security policies and manage application updates. AirWatch has also developed the Secure Content Locker app that provides secure access to corporate documents from a mobile device.

  •   Ensure patient privacy through mobile security, compliance and maximize DLP
  •   Manage health system, staff and physician mobile devices uniquely based on ownership
  •   Implement a secure way to distribute and access confidential documents
  •   Secure access to organization resources, including Email, VPN and Wi-Fi networks
  •   Implement a scalable solution to support your growing mobile deployment
  •   Adopt a flexible platform that supports corporate devices and BYOD programs

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Send Push Notifications

Locate Crews for Dispatching

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Healthcare Industry
Shared Devices
Advanced GPS Device Tracking
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